Artikel mit dem Tag "#52hikechallenge"

Trails: Running & Hiking · 14 Februar 2018
A short variation of the hike to La Dôle.
Trails: Running & Hiking · 07 Februar 2018
One of my favourite half-day-hikes. Perfect for an early morning to watch the sunrise!

Trails: Running & Hiking · 24 Januar 2018
This hike is really easy. You can do it all winter long - no matter whether there is snow or not! (And of course it's a nice walk in summer as well!)
Trails: Running & Hiking · 17 Januar 2018
The hike up to "Fuchses Schwyberg" in the Swiss Alps can be a bit more challenging, due to it's length and depending on weather conditions.

Trails: Running & Hiking · 10 Januar 2018
Amazing trail in the Bernese Alps (Natureparc Gantrisch).
Trails: Running & Hiking · 03 Januar 2018
A beautiful trail to one of the most famous summits of the Swiss Jura Mountains.

Dies & Das · 31 Dezember 2017
Looks like it's kind of compulsory to write a review of the last year... In addition to the review I want to share some ideas for 2018 with you as well!
Trails: Running & Hiking · 27 Dezember 2017
Easy day-hike (snowshoeing) through amazing landscape and (hopefully) a winter wonderland.

Trails: Running & Hiking · 20 Dezember 2017
A flat snowshoeing trail in the Chamonix-Mont-Blanc-Area.
Trails: Running & Hiking · 13 Dezember 2017
A very easy snowshoeing or winter hiking trail for beginners and everyone who loves great mountain views!

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