Hiking Trails · 13 December 2018
The fourth stage of Via Alpina: from Linthal to Urnerboden.
Hiking Trails · 29 November 2018
The third stage of Via Alpina: from Elm to Linthal.

Hiking Trails · 22 November 2018
The second stage of Via Alpina: from Weisstannen to Elm.
Hiking Trails · 15 November 2018
The first stage of Via Alpina: from Sargans to Weisstannen.

Hiking Trails · 08 November 2018
This summer I hiked a long distance trail: the Via Alpina. These are the 9 stages that were on my list.
(Trail)running · 04 November 2018
Running is a progress and it's time for the next step. Follow along a little throwback to the beginnings of my running career and an outlook for the next aim!

(Trail)running · 30 October 2018
I started at the Lausanne Half Marathon last Sunday with two friends, trying to undercut my personal record.
Hiking Trails · 27 October 2018
The "Seebergsee" is a true jewel in the Swiss Alps and easily mixed with a beautiful 14 km hike.

Hiking Trails · 24 October 2018
There is a new feature on the blog that makes it way easier for your to plan your next hiking trips!
Travel Tips · 17 October 2018
I love fall, but sometimes it's just too rainy to go outside... Here are three places to visit on rainy days in Switzerland!

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