Skiing / Skitouring · 16 February 2019
A very easy skitour in the beautiful Diemtigtal (Diemtig Valley) in Switzerland. Suitable for beginners.
(Trail)running · 09 February 2019
"Today I did nothing." Why rest days are not only okay, but important for your body and soul.

Skiing / Skitouring · 31 January 2019
Here's a little beginners guide for skitouring - written by a beginner :)
Hiking Trails · 24 January 2019
The ninth and last stage of Via Alpina: from Alpiglen back to Grindelwald.

Hiking Trails · 17 January 2019
The eigth stage of Via Alpina: from Hasliberg to Alpiglen.
(Trail)running · 08 January 2019
It's been a bit more than eight weeks, since I signed up for the Eiger Ultra Trail. Today I share my training schedule and my first experiences in training for the ultramarathon.

Hiking Trails · 03 January 2019
The seventh stage of Via Alpina: from Engelberg to Hasliberg.
Hiking Trails · 27 December 2018
The sixth stage of Via Alpina: from Brüsti to Engelberg.

Hiking Trails · 20 December 2018
The fifth stage of Via Alpina: from Urnerboden to Brüsti.
Hiking Trails · 13 December 2018
The fourth stage of Via Alpina: from Linthal to Urnerboden.

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