(Trail)running · 13 September 2020
The new feature «Trail Tips» presents lots of new ideas where to go for your next trailrun.
Travel Tips · 17 August 2020
This year, it's a lot about travelling within Switzerland. If you're planning on a trip to Geneva, don't miss the most lovely coffee shops of the city!

(Trail)running · 05 April 2020
So, I made a podcast. It's called «Lucky Trails» and we'll talk about trailrunning and ultrarunning!
Travel Tips · 18 February 2020
About minimalism in the holidays. About simplicity and enjoyment.

My Wardrobe · 10 February 2020
Product review: Mammut Convey Insulation Jacket by Mammut. Sponsored content by intersport.ch
Skiing / Skitouring · 25 December 2019
When we go skitouring Ioma gets a lot of attention. Because there is nothing cuter as when she accompanies me on a tour. How to easily take your dog on a skitour? Get her in a backpack!

Bits & Pieces · 18 November 2019
This is a special post. I would like to dedicate this one to my friend Sabrina, who needs your vote to fulfill her dream: participating in the Fjallräven Polar 2020.
(Trail)running · 30 October 2019
In the new "Let's talk about..." section, I will talk about all different kinds of topics and you can leave your comments and wishes about what should be next. Today: Pace. Pace is a topic that affects every runner. A topic that every runner thinks about. Sometimes more, sometimes less. So let's talk about pace today.

My Wardrobe · 15 September 2019
I've been running with Formbelt pants since 2016. I already partnered with Formbelt and VarioSports before and this year, I happily received their brand new running skirt. (+ This post contains a 30% reduction code for all VarioSports products!)
(Trail)running · 03 August 2019
The ultramarathon is done. What is next? First recover. I wanna fully reflect my race before I decide if and how I will repeat this experience.

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