Trail Tips

The Trail Tips are ideas for trail runs, based on the tips given in the Lucky Trails Podcast. Since the podcast is only available in german, this is the main language for the Trail Tips, too. But no worries – you will still understand the map, even if you don't speak german.


Choose from the map below or from the list, which directly leads you to the tour in komoot, where you can save and download the GPX-file.

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Podcast Episode 45 – Oberharzer Wasserwirtschaft, Harz mountains

Dog-friendly running trail with lots of access to water, trail tip from dog blogger Maddie Pagenkemper

Explore Oberharzer Wasserwirtschaft

Podcast Episode 43 – Taubenlochschlucht, Chasseral

Trail tip from Joris Ryf, a challenging trail run due to the long distance

Explore Taubenlochschlucht and Chasseral

Podcast Episode 42 – Balmberg, Jura

Circuit with strenuous ascents and descents, Trail tip from Peter Portmann

Explore Balmberg

Podcast Episode 40 – Eiger Ultra Trail, E51

Original route of the Eiger Ultra Trail, E51, challenging

Explore Eiger Ultra Trail

Podcast Episode 39 – Saastal, Switzerland

easy trailrun in the Saas valley, Switzerland 

Explore Saastal

Podcast Episode 38 – Gernrode, Germany

trailrun in the Harz mountains, tip from the community from Nadja (Instagram:

Explore Gernrode

Podcast Episode 37 – Arberseewand Trail, Germany

challenging trail in the Bavarian Forest with quite a lot ups and downs

Explore Arberseewand Trail

Podcast Episode 36 – Rifugio Prarayer, Aosta Valley (Italy)

easy and flat running trail along an artificial lake in the Aosta Valley (Italy)

Explore Rifugio Prarayer/Aosta Valley

Podcast Episode 35 – Le Signal, Chamonix (France)

challenging and scenic trail run on little used routes above Chamonix, France

Explore Le Signal, Chamonix

Podcast Episode 34 – Glaris/Frauenkirchen (Grisons)

easy and short running route in the beautiful canton of Grisons

Explore Glaris/Frauenkirch

Podcast Episode 33 – Oeschinensee

Trail run to the Insta hotspot Oeschinensee. Extremely crowded on weekends in the summer and in high winter!

Explore Oeschinensee

Podcast Episode 32 – Harder Grat from Schiessplatz Lehn

demanding and technically difficult route with great views. For impressions search the hashtag #hardergrat on Instagram!

Explore Harder Grat from Schiessplatz Lehn

Podcast Episode 31 – Versoix/Ecogia

easy running course, suitable for beginners, with bathing possibility at the end

Explore Versoix/Ecogia

Podcast Episode 30 – Naturpark Gantrisch

technically easy trail run in the Gantrisch Nature Park, Attention: more vertical meters than indicated in the GPX file!

Explore Naturpark Gantrisch

Podcast Episode 29 – Tierser Alp

Trail run on the Alpe di Siusi in Italy (region: South Tyrol), some intensive climbs, some ridge paths

Explore Tierser Alp/Seiser Alm

Podcast Episode 27 – Sanonhütte

technically easy trail run on the Alpe di Siusi in South Tyrol (Italy), with beautiful panoramic views, continuously at over 1500 m above sea level

Explore Sanonhütte/Seiser Alm

Podcast Episode 26 – Grindelwald

not very demanding, wide forest roads and paths (much asphalt), steep ascent at the beginning of the trail, then flatter. Finish in the center of Grindelwald.

Explore Grindelwald

Podcast Episode 25 – Aiguilette des Posettes

Scenic longrun in the rear part of the Chamonix valley, technically challenging in some parts. 11.8 km, 820 m altitude gain.

Explore Aiguilette des Posettes, Chamonix

Podcast Episode 24 – Gemmipass

Fast trail in Kander Valley (Bernese Mountains, Switzerland), leads along a lake. 18.43 km, 593 m altitude gain.

Explore Gemmipass and Kandertal

Podcast Episode 22 & 23 – Dahner Felsenpfad

Easy trail in Germany, suitable for dogs. 12.5 km, 270 m altitude gain.

Explore Dahner Felsenpfad

Podcast Episode 21 – Lauterbrunnen Valley

Longrun with beautiful views in the Lauterbrunnen Valley (near Grindelwald and Interlaken), trail in Switzerland, suitable for dogs, with restaurant at the end. 16.18 km, 910 m altitude gain.

Explore Lauterbrunnen Valley

Podcast Episode 20 – Prättigau

Multiday run in the Prättigau area, Graubünden (grisons) in Switzerland, difficult and strenuos. 95.5 km, 4480 m altitude gain.

Explore Prättigau

Podcast Episode 19 – La Valsainte

easy trailrun in the french-speaking part of Switzerland, some parts of the trail are asphalt. 11.6 km, 450 m altitude gain.

Explore Prättigau

Podcast Episode 18 – 9-Alpentour Davos

trailrun with beautiful views in Grisons (Graubünden) in Switzerland, restaurant at the end of the trail. 17.49 km, 1190 m altitude gain.

Explore 9-Alpentour Davos

Podcast Episode 17 – Swissalpine Davos, original route

Original route of the Swissalpine Davos (Graubünden), challenging. 67.6 km, 2680 m altitude gain.

Explore K68 Swissalpine Davos

Podcast Episode 16 – Via Valeriana

old trade route above the Iseo Lake, you can run the easy trail back on the same route. 9.03 km, 300 m altitude gain (one way)

Explore Via Valeriana

Podcast Episode 15 – Steinstoss

easy running course with beautiful view at the Betelberg on Lenk. 5.35 km, 140 m altitude gain.

Explore Steinstoss, Lenk

Podcast Episode 14 – Lenk

challenging trail run - although the terrain is only technically difficult in one area, the altitude and distance should not be underestimated. 33.7 km, 1700 m altitude gain.

Explore Lenk

Podcast Episode 13 – Along the Aare river

easy, mostly flat trail run through the city of Bern and along the Aare river. 22.8 km, 170 m altitude gain.

Explore Aare river

Podcast Episode 12 – Stockhorn

steep trail run through beautiful terrain in the Bernese Oberland. 17.6 km, 1550 m altitude gain.

Explore Aare river

Podcast Episode 11 – Lake Lungern

rather flat longrun with bathing possibility at the end. 18.9 km, 600 m altitude gain.

Explore Lake Lungern

Podcast Episode 10 – Pragelpass

short, but technically difficult course, especially in the descent. 7.86 km, 400 m altitude gain.

Explore Pragelpass

Podcast Episode 9 – Adelboden

beautiful evening lap from Adelboden with great views. 12.16 km, 408 m altitude gain.

Explore Adelboden