Cooperations & Publications

If you'd like to read more, you can check my cooperations and other publications on different websites. I post regularly on other blogs, write reviews and product texts and have published books in german poetry. Have fun reading and tell me what you liked!

Intersport, Switzerland

In December 2019 I started to work with for a cooperation. With the launch of their new online-shop you can now read a post written by me every month for the upcoming twelve months!

Variosports / Formbelt

One of my very first cooperation partners is the German brand Variosports. Over the years, I have tested several products. You get 30% off with the code lifeisaluckybag when you shop in the Variosports Online shop.

Short stories

Most of my short stories are not published. I am working on different topics every now and then. Anyway, if you wanna read one of my stories, try this criminal one. (Links are affiliate links.)


Poetry is my secret passion. I've been writing since I was a kid and I published several works with different publishing houses. This is my official authors page. (Links in the list are affiliate links.)