Ioma & Finn

Finns Geschichte – ein Second-Hand-Husky
Ioma & Finn · 14 Juni 2021
Vor ziemlich genau einem Jahr ist Finn bei uns eingezogen. Wir sind froh und dankbar, dass der kleine Kerl bei uns einziehen durfte und geben ihn sicher nicht wieder her.
Ioma & Finn · 07 November 2017
At home I have a few room-mates. Besides Felix (two legs), there is Tom (four legs) and of course Ioma (four legs, you know her!). Do you wanna know how the fur-babys came into my life?

Ioma & Finn · 19 Juli 2017
Ioma is a small mountain mutt and as there was no backpack for her size available I sat down and sewed it on my own. This is a short DIY for everyone to make his own doggy backpack!
Ioma & Finn · 30 Mai 2017
I love hiking with my dog and especially last weekend I realized there are some special things to take into consideration when taking your 4-pawed friend on the trail. This post is about the most important facts.