Skiing / Skitouring

Skiing / Skitouring · 25 Dezember 2019
When we go skitouring Ioma gets a lot of attention. Because there is nothing cuter as when she accompanies me on a tour. How to easily take your dog on a skitour? Get her in a backpack!
Skiing / Skitouring · 18 März 2019
Before the season is over, I have a tip for an easy beginner ski tour in the canton of Graubünden.

Skiing / Skitouring · 21 Februar 2019
A skitour leading to the Seebergsee (Seeberg Lake) in the beautiful Diemtig Valley in Switzerland. Mostly flat, depending on weather conditions a little more strenuos, but still suitable for beginners.
Skiing / Skitouring · 16 Februar 2019
A very easy skitour in the beautiful Diemtigtal (Diemtig Valley) in Switzerland. Suitable for beginners.

Skiing / Skitouring · 31 Januar 2019
Here's a little beginners guide for skitouring - written by a beginner :)