Petit Montrond - short hike, great view! (two versions!)

The hike to the top of Petit Montrond in the Jura Mountains is a ahort hike I do on a regular basis. It is easy to do with snowshoes or as a "normal" hike, depending on weather conditions. The next bigger village is the village Gex in the french Department Auvergne-Rhône-Alps. The starting point is easiest accesible by car and there is a big space full of parking spots at the Col de la Faucille where the tour starts.


Requirements & Gear

If you want to do this hike I recommend to have good hiking boots and warm winter clothing as this area is well-known to be very windy. Depending on weather conditions, I would also recommend to bring snow-shoes, although most parts of the trail will be accesible without them.


You don't necessary have to bring your own picnic, but maybe a bottle of hot tea will be a nice gimmick on the top! If you don't want to carry it, you can have a stop for a snack and/or a hot drink at the end of the hike.


Tour Details

  • 5,1km (round-trip)/8,7km (round trip)
  • difficulty: (very) easy
  • refreshment stops/cabins: none on the trail, but a cabin at the parking (crêpes, waffles, hot drinks, fries etc.)
  • duration: approx. 1,5hrs
  • starting (and end) point: Col de la Faucille
  • route: Col de la Faucille - Petit Montrond - Col de la Faucille/Col de Faucille - La Gelinotte - Le Crozat - Petit Montrond - Le Crozat - La Gelinotte - Col de la Faucille
  • suitable for all kinds of dogs

Detailed Description

The Petit Montrond is easily doable through different trails. Start from Col de la Faucille and follow the trail uphill towards Petit Montrond. It's a trail which is super easy to find. The path is mostly broad and prepared for winter hiking.


The summit itself is not very high, only 1533m above sealevel and you already start at 1323, but the view is simply amazing! With clear weather conditions you can see the Alps rising in front of you and for this stunning view the hike is absolutely perfect!


I uploaded two different GPS tracks for you, the really short trail of 5,1km and the longer trail of 8,7km which requires snowshoes in some sections.


GPS tracks

Petit Montrond - 04.02.2017 - 5,1km.gpx
GPS eXchange Datei 39.6 KB
Petit Montrond - 11.02.2017 - 8,7km.gpx
GPS eXchange Datei 65.2 KB

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