Grand Montrond - for everyone who loves wind ;)


When I moved to Geneva in 2016, I started to hike a lot more. Up to today, there are a few hikes, which I already did a couple of times, because they are close by and easy. Additionally, you can do them within half a day - so even if I work in the morning, I sometimes manage to go for a hike. One of them is the Petit Montrond, another one Le Turet.


If you want to hike a tiny little bit longer you could try the Grand Montrond - a short and family-firendly hike for every season.

Requirements & Gear

Besides snowshoes, I would recommend to bring the typical things for a winter hike: headband/beanie, warm gloves, hiking sticks, warm clothes, first-aid-kit etc.


Since at the end of the trail you will find a little restaurant, you don't necessary need your own picnic, but of course feel free to bring for example a bottle of hot tea to warm up or some snacks (like for example cereal bars).


Tour Details

  • 10,2km (round-trip)
  • difficulty: easy to average
  • refreshment stops/cabins: none on the trail, but a restaurant at the start/end point of the tour
  • duration: approx. 4hrs
  • starting (and end) point: Col de la Faucille
  • route: Col de la Faucille - La Gelinotte - Grand Montrond - Le Crozat - La Gelinotte - Col de la Faucille
  • suitable for every dog with a good condition

Detailed Description

 de la Faucille close to the french village Gex. There is a big parking lot, as there's a small ski resort here.

Follow the big forest street on the right side of the parking until you reach La Gelinotte. There will be a lot of signs guiding you u to the little mountain Grand Montrond, which is todays summit. I did this hike as a beautiful sunrise hike once - if you reach the summit at sunrise, the view is amazing: See how the sun wakes up above the alps! This is just awesome!


The summit itself can be very windy, so if you are planning on a breakfast here, I'd recommend to take your breakfast a bit below the top.because this mountain is usually very very windy!


The trail goes back on more or less the same route and if you need a second breakfast, you can stop by at the little restaurant on Col de la Faucille!

GPS track

Grand Montrond - 11.03.2017 - 10,2km.gpx
GPS eXchange Datei 117.2 KB

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