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Travel Tips · 18 Februar 2020
About minimalism in the holidays. About simplicity and enjoyment.
Trails: Running & Hiking · 09 Mai 2019
Taking your family out for a hike may not be always super easy. This post contains five short hikes under 10km that are suitable for hikers of all levels.

Trails: Running & Hiking · 12 April 2019
A flat hike along the Lago di Place-Moulin in the italian Aosta Valley.
Trails: Running & Hiking · 15 März 2019
A short hike along the Fish Creek and its frozen waterfall. Impressive, beautiful and very easy!

Trails: Running & Hiking · 24 Januar 2019
The ninth and last stage of Via Alpina: from Alpiglen back to Grindelwald.
Trails: Running & Hiking · 17 Januar 2019
The eigth stage of Via Alpina: from Hasliberg to Alpiglen.

Trails: Running & Hiking · 27 Dezember 2018
The sixth stage of Via Alpina: from Brüsti to Engelberg.
Trails: Running & Hiking · 20 Dezember 2018
The fifth stage of Via Alpina: from Urnerboden to Brüsti.

Trails: Running & Hiking · 13 Dezember 2018
The fourth stage of Via Alpina: from Linthal to Urnerboden.
Trails: Running & Hiking · 29 November 2018
The third stage of Via Alpina: from Elm to Linthal.

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