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Hiking Trails · 27. Dezember 2017
Easy day-hike (snowshoeing) through amazing landscape and (hopefully) a winter wonderland.

Hiking Trails · 20. Dezember 2017
A flat snowshoeing trail in the Chamonix-Mont-Blanc-Area.

Hiking Trails · 13. Dezember 2017
A very easy snowshoeing or winter hiking trail for beginners and everyone who loves great mountain views!

Hiking Trails · 06. Dezember 2017
Beautiful snow-shoeing trail close to the french village Manigod.

Hiking Trails · 10. Oktober 2017
One of the best things about hiking is: you can do it all year long. Anyway: Autumn is one of my favourite hiking seasons, so I'd like to share two suggestions for nice autumn hikes with you!

Hiking Trails · 05. Oktober 2017
Do you want to do a more challenging hike in Corsica? The Monte Cintu is the highest peak of the island and requires a lot of endurance.

Hiking Trails · 06. September 2017
Corsica offers something for everyone. Whether you love to be outdoors, stroll through beautiful old cities and see magnificent churches or whether you prefer to relax on the beach, get tanned and eat good. Corsica is your place to go! You can even do everything in one day!

Travel Tips · 25. August 2017
Did you ever do a road trip? If not - you should do it!!!

Bits & Pieces · 26. Juni 2017
I haven't done running or trail-running until I moved to Switzerland. Last year, I did my first run - a 5k thourgh the Old Town of Geneva. Afterwards I was infected, and last Saturday I did my first 10k-Trail-Run in Chamonix!