Thankful November Days

This is a special blogpost, because it will be changing withing the next few days again and again and again. And I need your help to make it work!

I like hiking, because it makes me calm down and brings me back down to earth. It also makes me think a lot and there are some things I am thankful for. Let's see if we can find one thing we are thankful for every single day of the month!



Leave me a comment, a mail, a message on Instagram or here... what are you thankful for?

Use the Hashtag #thankfulnovemberdays and tag me in your photo, so I can find it!


Let's create a thankful month of November 2017!!!


Thank you for...

30th of November:

We found so many things we are thankful for! Thank you all for joining!


29th of November:

I am thankful I have the possibility to travel the world.


28th of November:

Today I am thankful to live in a safe place. It's something I should appreciate more often.


27th of November:

Today I want to be thankful for everyone who is patient with Ioma when I take her to work.


26th of November:

I am thankful for the wonderful and perfect weather today!


25th of November:

"We are happy to have each other as hiking friend!" (@onlystopontop)


24th of November:

@eirliani is thankful to enjoy some quiet time with her friends.


23rd of November:

Thanks to everyone who has adopted a pet from the shelter! You are a great person!


22nd of November:

I am thankful to have a partner who is caring and understanding.


21st of November:

I am thankful Ioma and Tom really became friends.


20th of November:

I am thankful to be healthy. It's the most important thing in life!


19th of November:

Thanks for participating in my Give-Away! I'm curious who is going to win!


18th of November:

I am thankful I was able to already do 52 hikes this year!


17th of November:

Thanks for my family! You are far away but I got you in my heart!


16th of November:

I am thankful for my job, because it's a job I love!


15th of November:

I am thankful for my wonderful friends. I love every single one of you!


14th of November:

I am thankful winter is finally coming!


13th of November:

Today I would like to thank all of you following my blog and/or Facebook and Instagram. You can win something on my Give-Away on Instagram these days! 


12th of November:

I am thankful I had the chance to meet so many new people this weekend. I am happy I got the chance to exchange and connect with my colleagues all around Europe!


11th of November:

"I love these moments of quietude. To contemplate, to reflect, admist the glory of nature." (Eirliani A. Rahman)


10th of November:

Andrea is happy she can have a few days off and enjoy November which shows itself from the best side: "Danke November, dass du dich noch von deiner besten Seite zeigst."


9th of November:

Today I am thankful that I am able to see the beauty of nature!


8th of November:

Marius & Judith are grateful they have their rescue-dog Jimmy: "We are so thankful for all this time laughing, relaxing, cuddling and crying sometimes as well. Thank you, Jimmy Knopf!"


7th of November:

This one is for Ioma: Thank you for being by my side every single day!


6th of November:

I am thankful for every single smile today.


5th of November:

I am thankful for lazy days on the couch...


4th of November:

"I am grateful for this weekend, just being here and being able to enjoy the outdoors." Eirliani A Rahman


3rd of November:

Today I am simply thankful the weekend begins!


2nd of November:

I am thankful for the chance to live in such a beautiful country!


1st of November:

I am thankful for the sunbeams I felt on my skin today.

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