52 Hike Challenge - changing my life?!

Get out and hike! That's it. That's actually what you need to know for the 52 Hike Challenge. This challenge was created a s a "global movement". The idea is to make the participants get outside and start hiking - at least 52 times within one year.

My goal is to complete the Challenge in 2017 for several reasons:

  • I simply love to be outside
  • I want to exceed my own limits
  • I want to improve my hiking skills
  • I love to share pictures and experience with others
  • I would like to go through a "fit year" in 2017



As I usually do long walks with Ioma as well as during work, I added my own standards for the challenge, because I did not want to measure every single walk I do, but everything I really count as a hike.


This led to the following four "minimal standards" (which count for me, does not necessary count for you!)


  1. Every hike is at least 1,6km (=1 mile)
  2. every hike is measured with my GPS, so I will be able to see the profile in the end
  3. every hike is noted within my hiking log
  4. every hike includes taking at least one picture of myself and everyone hiking with me



To make it even more difficult, I would like to reach a few more goals during the challenge:


  • hike at least 520km during the challenge, meaning the average of each hike is 10km
  • finish the challenge before 01.12.2017
  • include several hikes that are really challenging for me (climbing sections, high peaks etc.)

Up to today I have finished 29 hikes for the challenge. It is a total of 326,89km. Seems like I'm gonna reach my goals. Stay tuned to see whether I will finish the challenge!

And for every other hiker out there participating - keep on hiking and keep "changing your life, one step at a time"!!!

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