2018 a year of new experiences - March

I lost a bit track of blogging here, for the simple reason, that a lot of things in my life were changing in the last weeks. As I already told you last month, I signed a contract for a new job. So in the last weeks, I started my new job, moved to a new apartment and tried to re-structure my daily life.


So I guess it's time to take a look at the last month!



Hiking and running

By the end of March my running schedule was still not satisfying:/ - only 29,3km are done so far. I was really disappointed by myself, but I just couldn't manage to take my running shoe more often.

Still - I will keep track of it and we'll see how it goes, right?!


I did a few hikes in March. Here's a short list:


1) Niederhorn, Switzerland

2) Waldegg, Switzerland

3) Le Vermeilley, Switzerland

4) Gurten, Switzerland


In total I have finished 153,81km of my 800 hiking kilometres for 2018. This is a lot more satisfying ;)


First times

Do you remember? I am trying to do a few things for the first time in my life - at least each month I want to have one new experience.


In March 2018 I made two not-mountain-related first-times:


  • I signed a contract for an 80% position as an employee
  • I signed a contract (and moved) into my very first own apartment - up to now, I have only lived with my family or my partner, so this is a big step for me!)

Both of these steps have already changed me a lot, I have to admit: I feel much more "grown-up" now. It is the first time within nearly 10 years, that I am not working as a tour guide (altough I wish I will take this back as a hobby in a few months). 


Looking forward to April and May...

April is already running fast and it's fun, stressful, interesting and hard - everything at the same time! I have a lot of work and some interesting projects coming up in the next two or three month and I hope you stay tuned for more!!!

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