2018 a year of new experiences - February

 The second month  of 2018 is over. February came and went so fast and by the end of this month I know that a lot f things will change for me. I will start a new job in March and move to another city. Anyways, I will come back to Geneva a lot, because I will also still work here a few hours per week and my boyfriend will still be living here.


Hiking and running

In February I didn't run too much, so out of my 500km to run in 2018, I have only finished a bit more tha 23km. But I know I will do more sports as soon as the snow is gone and I am still confident to reach this goal. 


I did a few hikes in February. Here's a short list:


1) Raimeux de Grandval, Switzerland

2) Le Turet, France

3) Le Crozat, France

4) Chalet La Floria, France


In total I have now finished 102,57km of my 800 hiking kilometres for 2018.


First times

Do you remember? I am trying to do a few things for the first time in my life - at least each month I want to have one new experience.


In February 2018, my biggest "first time" was to be on top of a mountain close to 4000m. I have to admit - I didn't hike up here, but went by cable car. (Lazy, I know...)

The summit was the Aiguille du Midi, in Chamonix in France and although it felt a bit weird to be on top of a mountain without having to do any sports to get there, the experience was just incredible! I think I will post a bit more about this day in CHamonix, what do you think - would you like to hear about it?


Looking forward to March...

So, as I mentioned, March and April will come up with a lot of big changes for me. I am very excited, but I also have to admit, I have a lot of respect for what is coming up. Stay tuned and I will let you know what these new experiences feel like!

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