2018 a year of new experiences - April

Wow, time flies!

It's already May and April came up with some new adventures. Let's take a closer look at my New Year's Resolutions and at what kind of things I did for the first time in my life this month!


Hiking and running

By the end of April, I was really back on track when it came to running. And this was really important to me, since I had signed up for my first half marathon!! 

I am at a stage of 109,9km this year.


I did seven hikes in April, so this was pretty satisfying! Here's a complete list:


1) Ruine Grasburg, Switzerland

2) Meniggrat, Switzerland

3) Notre-Dame du Pralère, Switzerland

4) Grand Balcon Sud/Chalet La Floria, France

5) Argentière - Chamonix, France

6) Schwandegg, Switzerland

7) Honegg, Switzerland


In total I have finished 232,93km of my 800 hiking kilometres for 2018. I am so happy, but wait for May - there's a few looong hikes in planning :)


First times

Do you remember? I am trying to do a few things for the first time in my life - at least each month I want to have one new experience.


In April 2018 I took Ioma to the office for the first time. Since I was working as a tour guide before, this was the first time that I was working in an office 8 hours per day for (nearly) the whole week. I was really happy when I was offered to try and bring oma to work, so I wouldn't have to leave her in the daycare every day. (Although she loves to go there!)

Ioma behaves really well in the office and up to today she's joining me once per week. She enjoys being cuddled and my colleagues actually ask for when she comes to the office next time.


Looking forward to May...

For the moment, I am completely focused on a big challenge that awaits me in May: my first half marathon. Additionally, I have some big hikes planned for May, so come back soon and see what's going on!

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