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When I came to Bonifacio, right on the southern corner of Corsica I managed to go hiking in the morning, visited the old city in the early afternoon and went to the beach for some swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling. I took you with me in my story on Instagram, but you can follow me again during this day!


Let's start with some advice: Bonifacio is one of THE touristy spots of Corsica, so be prepared when you arrive by car. You should come early to grab a spot on one of the public parking spaces at the harbour and around the city. The fee differs from around 0,50€-0,70€ per quarter hour.



This hike is an easy, but very sunny hike of 9,8km along the coastline from Bonifacio to Pertusato.

It is suitable for nearly everyone in a more or less good condition and you can turn around any time you want. The hike is pretty flat, but don't forget that you should still be prepared pretty good: bring water, a hat and sunblocker!


The hike starts from the harbour of Bonifacio. Follow the old broad street upstairs towards the old city wall, turn to the left and follow the coastline to an old ruin. From here you will have a wonderful view towards the old town of Bonifacio (which you will explore later on).

Keep following the coastline along the easy paths until you reach the asphalt street that leads to Pertusato. You will have to walk along the street for a few minutes (if you go downhill on your right side you will find a lovely beach!), until you reach the ruins of an old military fort. Turn left in front of the fort (following the street) and after a few minutes uphill you will see the lighthouse of Pertusato.


As sson as you reach the lighthouse keep left of it and you will find a nice little and very sunny terrace full of tiny stone figures. This is a nice place for a picnic and the view is amazing (see photo).

You can walk the same way back and then up to the Old Town of Bonfacio. When I did this trail it took me around 3 hours and 30 minutes, so it's not a full-day hike but more a nice walk for the first half of the day.


This walk is suitable for all kinds of dogs, as long as they are healthy and used to walk distances of this length.



Now that you have walked a bit you might feel like adding some culture to your day. As your hike has finished in front of the Old Town of Bonifacio you can just keep walking - but slower and completely relaxed!


Bonfiacio has a beautiful Old Town and a nice little church in the middle of the city. Another important sight is the "Escalier du Roi d'Aragon" a small and steep stairway on the outer side of the city wall. You can walk it down to sea level for a small fee (around 2,50€ per person, no dogs allowed).

Additionally: don't miss to stroll through the tiny little streets, sit down in one of the lovely restaurants and have a coffee or some good lunch or do some souvenir shopping in the small stores all around! You can find some nice impressions of Bonifacio's Old Town in the gallery below!


Remember? You did this hike in the morning...

And you passed by a beautiful beach just when you came to the Pertusato...

I think this is one of the most beautiful beaches around the city and it's perfect to spent the rest of the day. It is ot a sand beach, but a big flat stone - nearly like an island - surrounded by clear blue water. This is perfect for snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing. If you take a look at the picture, you see how much fun I had (yes, I am more the kind of "creepy-not-sexy-bikini-shots"...)


Don't forget to bring your parasol and shoes to go into the water (in case you have sensitive feet). Also, a thick blanket or twoel will be really useful if you want to lay down in the sunshine!

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