Crêt-du-Midi - earn your cake!


If you are fit and if you really have a full day the hike to Crêt-du-Midi might be an interesting option for everyone who loves a long, beautiful and difficult snowshoe trail. (This trail is also suitable for ski tours!).


The hike starts and ends in Vercorin, a little swiss village with a few good hotels and studios, lots of opportunities to go skiing or relax after the hike. (I spent three days in total in Vercorin and it was definitely worth it!)

Requirements & Gear

For this hike you will need your complete (!) snowshoe equipment. If you are not sure what exactly you need, please check my post on tips and tricks for snowshoeing. The only thing I didn't take that day were gaiters, but if you have a lot of fresh snow, don't forget them!!


The restaurant on top accepts cash and payment by debit or credit card, so if you want cake or fries or ust a drink and enoy the view, do not forget to bring your wallet!


Tour Details

  • 14,52km (round-trip)
  • difficulty: difficult
  • refreshment stops/cabins: restaurant on top of Crêt-du-Midi
  • duration: approx. 6,5hrs (including break)
  • starting (and end) point: Vercorin Center
  • route: Vercorin - L'A de Bran - Crêt du Midi - Vercorin
  • suitable for dogs with a good fitness and some mountain experience

Detailed Description

Start your hike in the village of Vercorin and follow the yellow signs uphill towards "Crêt du Midi" and/or "L'A de Bran". You will soon reach the snowshoe hiking trail on your right hand side (pink signs). The trail goes uphill through the forest. This ascent is very steep and I recommend to take your time for this one! The steep curves make you gain altitude very fast and you'll arrive at L'A de Bran after about an hour and ten to fifteen minutes.


You have two choices here: either follow the ski slope straight uphill or turn left along the broad hiking path. (GPS track includes option 2, please consider the fact that the other path is mainly ski slope!)


Keep your eyes open here because the trail will soon split up again: take the small path to your right through the forest and you'll reach an open meadow soon. From this spot you have another 200m altitude gain in front of you. Take the hill on your left in curves or straight up - just as you wish. Simply, don't forget to turn around regularly to enjoy the stunning views of the alps in your back!


After round about 4 hours hiking uphill and an altitude gain of a bit over 1000m you'll reach the restaurant on top of Crêt du Midi - you have well deserved your cake or your french fries now!


I took a really long break here before I headed back down to the valley. You can take the same route or go with a little variation (check the GPS track!).

GPS track

Cret du Midi - 15.01.2018 - 14,52.gpx
GPS eXchange Datei 134.3 KB

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