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Skiing / Skitouring · 25 December 2019
When we go skitouring Ioma gets a lot of attention. Because there is nothing cuter as when she accompanies me on a tour. How to easily take your dog on a skitour? Get her in a backpack!
Hiking Trails · 08 November 2018
This summer I hiked a long distance trail: the Via Alpina. These are the 9 stages that were on my list.

My Wardrobe · 09 October 2018
This summer I hiked the green route of the long distance trail Via Alpina, a hike through the complete country of Switzerland. FInd out, what I packed for this trip!
My Wardrobe · 04 December 2017
Since I will be posting a lot of winter hikes in the next few weeks, I decided to give you some tips about snowshoeing and the gear you need for a succesfull snowshoe-experience. Click to read the full post!

My Wardrobe · 25 September 2017
This is a review on the lightweight backpack Kinetic 20 provided by McKinley.