Kinetic 20 - a backpack for (nearly) every day

In July I received a gift from McKinley and Intersport Germany. (We unboxed in my Instagram-Story!). The parcel included a lightweight daypack, the Kinetic 20. I used this backpack for different purposes in the last few weeks and I'd like to share my conclusion with you!

First Impression

When I unpacked the Kinetic 20 I had a pretty good first impression. The backpack was stashed into a small bag. If you fold it the right way, you can put it into the small outer bag on the front side. This is a great way to save room, for example if you are going on a city trip and the airline allows only one piece of hand luggage.


Unpacking the Kinetic 20 was really easy: just open the zipper and unfold the bag. The next thing I realized was the amazing colour :)

I love all kinds of bright outdoor gear and the backpack is available in either blue, orange-red or a wonderful light green. These colours are perfect, as you can easily be seen in the mountains.

(I also use the backpack during my time at work. I am working as a tourguide and a bright-coloured backpack is a nice extra to make it easier for my groups to follow me!)


My favourite details

The Kinetic 20 has a lot of small details and nice extras and I decided to let you know about my TOP 5 favourite details of this backpack.



There are three outer mesh bags with a lot of room to store several things during the hike. For example you can store a foldable bowl for your dog, sunblocker or even your hiking sticks inside.

During work I store a small bottle of water, handkerchiefs or city maps.



On every side of the hip belt there is a small integrated bag. I love these bags, as they allow me to store my GPS tracker on the one side and some doggy treats on the other side. By that I have both of these with me on the trail and can reach them fast and easily.



The backpack is very lightweight - only 350g! Anything more to say about this point???



If you open the backpack, there is a lot of space inside. I like the fact that there is an extra pocket for the hydration pack. There is enough room for a 3l-pack and the pack itself gives more stability to the Kinetic 20.



Of course, I talked about it earlier: you can fold and stash the backpack in its own outer bag. This makes it easy to store the backpack at home or take it on a city trip.


Three things that didn't convince me

Although there are a lot of things I love about the Kinetic 20, there were three little things that didn't convince me.


No. 1

I think the hip belt should be a bit longer. It would be a lot more comfortable to carry the backpack during longer hikes. The longest hike I did with the Kinetic 20  was a ten-hours hike in Corsica. I think for longer tours the backpack should be even more stable.


No. 2

There is a small output for the hydration pack on the upper side of the backpack. Unfortunately this output is just a little bit too small for the mouthpiece of my pack. At this point the backpack is a bit worn. The crack is however less than 1 cm long and also after further intensive use not further broken.


No. 3

Unfortunately there is no integrated rain cover. I think this is simply due to the fact that it is a lightweight backpack and it is supposed to be mainly used in summertime. I solved this problem by using a raincover I used to buy for another backpack. If you just choose one in size S or XS it will most likely fit!



To sum up, I can say that the Kinetic 20 really covinced me.


It is perfect for summer hikes and day hikes in autumn. The backpack offers a lot of room for everything you might need on a dayhike. I can store not only my own stuff, but also some extra things for Ioma, like her toys, extra water, foldable bowl, treats etc.


I would highly recommend to use the backpack for easy and more difficult hikes. I am pretty sure you will be convinced as well!

Shop it

If you want to shop the Kinetic 20, you can either go to every Intersport Store or, of course, you can buy it online. This link leads directly to the backpack I was using!*



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  • #1

    Thomas (Dienstag, 10 November 2020 11:48)

    thanks for your report :)
    What is the size when the backpack is put into the small bag?
    Best wishes

  • #2

    Vicky (Mittwoch, 11 November 2020 08:20)

    Hi Thomas! Thanks for your comment! The measurements of the packed McKinley Kinetic are about 23x16x12cm :)
    Have a great day!