Vicky goes 3000!

I love hiking and I (sometimes) love challenging hikes. Since 2014 I am hiking more ambitious, which means I try to get out more regular, I keep track of my hikes and try to do more difficult routes. This means either more challenging in terms of length, altitude gain, techical requirements or - higher summits!


I am a very careful person, who loves to be perfectly prepared. This is why, when I decided to get to the next level, I wanted to be well-prepared.

My next level will be a summit of more than 3000m height and on my Instagram-Account, as well as here, I will take you with me on my journey to the top! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram! #vickygoes3000 #summerof3000




The most important thing about getting to the top is knowing where to go. Of course the choice of the mountain has to be done carefully. As I am not a climber, but a hiker, I was looking for mountains which would be "hikeable". I read a lot of blogs and checked some books and finally made my decision:

With the help of this (german-speaking) travelguide* I picked my favourite mountain, the Bella Tola in the Swiss Alps. This peak is considered as one of the easier hikeable summits in Switzerland - because I want to start it easy :)




Going to the mountains is not about picking a date and then just going up. Weather can be unpredictable in the mountains and therefore I haven't decided for an exact date so far. But I would love to be on top around my 27th birthday - so around Middle of August 2017.




This is the hardest part. It's easy to decide "I will do it", choose the summit and pick a date. But actually doing it can be a hard thing. I am not always a perfectly disciplined person, but I am trying to get fitter for this adventure.

I (try to) work out every day for a few minutes. Normally it's something about 20 minutes working on my muscles and doing planks etc. If you want, I will explain my daily workout in another post. This workout is very important for me, as I need to focus a lot on my right ankle. Since I had an accident several years ago, it is a lot weaker than the left one. But I know, with hard work, I can still walk where I want to go.


Additionally, I am running a few times per week. I have detected I like running last year in October when I started to train for my first public run. Since then I did two running competitions (short distances) and I am planning to do my first 10km-Trail-Run on the 24th of June. Of course, I could run without joining competitions, but it keeps me motivated to have short-term goals.


The last step is to do a lot of hikes before August 2017. I try to include especially long hikes in a higher altitude with a few more difficult sections (like fixed cables, ladders etc.).


I will keep you updated about my training results, the gear I am using and of course the moment when I finally made to the top!




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