Via Alpina #2 - the trail

A couple of weeks ago, I posted my packing list for my long distance hike. Today, I would like to show you the exact route that we hiked within 9 days.


Our trip planning was based on the website via-alpina.org. I have linked the "Green Trail" for you, this was our basic trail, but for different reasons we had to adjust the route a little bit. Weather was not perfect, in fact we literally picked the only two weeks during this summer when it wouldn't stop raining. Plus: I got problems with my tendons on both my heels.

So all in all, this long distance hike had a bit of a different outcome than planned, but it was still great fun! 

The 9 stages of Via Alpina (Green Route)

During the trip, we covered almost 190 km and walked a total of nine stages from Sargans to Grindelwald. I was unsure how best to place this long route in a single blog post and I came to the conclusion: I can't.

That's why I divided the route into individual posts. From today on, there will be one post every Thursday. This way, I have enough space to show the individual stages in more detail. And you can look forward to a new entry every Thursday!


Nevertheless, there is already a preview of the individual stages today. The hiking distance corresponds to the distance walked every day, including any mountain railways or cable cars used. On some days we also took the bus for some sections of the trail. On those days, I added the total distance as well.


  1. From Sargans to Weisstannen, 14,98 km
  2. From Weisstannen to Elm, 23,11 km
  3. From Elm to Linthal, 24.08 km
  4. From Linthal to Urnerboden, 17.83 km
  5. From Urnerboden to Brüsti, 27.28 km (hiking distance)/36.46 km (total distance)
  6. From Brüsti to Engelberg, 21.25 km
  7. From Engelberg to Hasliberg, 29.25 km
  8. From Hasliberg to Alpiglen, 18.92 km (hiking distance)/33.56 km (total distance)
  9. From Alpiglen to Grindelwald, 5.43 km


Are you ready? Then we'll start next week! In the meantime, you can take a look at the detailed packing list for the Via Alpina.


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    Shirley (Freitag, 29 Oktober 2021 10:01)

    Hi. In your experience are there sections of the via alpina that are physically not possible for dogs? I.e. does it include sections with ladders or physical features not possible with 4 paws?