Running is a progress and all I wanna do is run

What I'm writing now may sound a bit strange, but I've never been very athletic. To be honest, I really hated sports and the worst thing of all was sports in school.

Ball games (still not my thing), apparatus gymnastics (I was and still am unbelievably immobile - with the exception of my yoga practice) and then the worst: athletics! For years, I have never seen the point in why I should do laps on the tartan track as long as possible or as fast as possible. Or run through the forest. God forbid, even uphill! 

To be honest, sometimes it still feels surreal when I realize that running makes me happy, calms me down and brings me back to the bottom of the earth. I'm also not quite sure when it clicked, but it happened.

After my move to Switzerland I went into the woods from time to time to run. No long distances, no high speed - sometimes just to kill time. And then I heard about the Geneva city run, the Escalade.


I remember being so excited! I prepared myself for several weeks to run 4.8 km through the old town of Geneva. I think you can guess from the picture pretty well that I had no idea what I was doing and why and I had (and probably still have) a terrible running style.


But something had grabbed me and I wanted more. (The Escalade run is still on my program this year, as a little tradition, just for me.)


I learned very fast: running is a constant progress and I just couldn't stop anymore.

Passion for progress

So what happened? I took part in my first 10 km race - a trail run - and I was so badly prepared... Looking back at this race, I was completely overwhelmed with the ascent, happy at the end of the run, but also at the end of my strength. This year, I did my first and directly a second half marathon, and for quite a while now one thing hasn't let go of me:

the ultramarathon.


And because I believe that dreams should not be put off for too long. Because I think that sometimes you just have to move out of a comfort zone. And because I believe that you can achieve your goals with a lot of hard work and discipline, my very first ultramarathon is scheduled for July 20, 2019

How do I feel?

Honestly: I don't know.

I have the greatest respect, but I also have a tingling feeling in my stomach.  At least I feel itchy in my feet trying to see if I can make it. I know that failure is possible, but if you never try, then you cannot grow beyond yourself!

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