Bits & Pieces

Bits & Pieces · 14. November 2017
Just a short reminder that you can win something via my Instagram-Account these days! Read the full instructions and see the prices!

Bits & Pieces · 31. Oktober 2017
In November, I would like to try and find one thing each day I am thankful for. So this blogpost will be renewed every day with some new thoughts throughout the whole month. Make sure to be back!

Bits & Pieces · 24. Juli 2017
In 2016, when I started "Life is a lucky bag" and when I moved to Switzerland, I read about the 52 Hike Challenge for the first time. 52 Hike Challenge? You have no idea about it? Read more...

Bits & Pieces · 10. Juli 2017
What kind of nutrition do I need when hiking, except for water? I made a little post for you on what kind of nutrition I rely during hikes.

Bits & Pieces · 04. Juli 2017
I spent a weekend in Grindelwald, as you probably know if you follow me on Instagram. There was one thing, that keeps me mentally busy...

Bits & Pieces · 26. Juni 2017
I haven't done running or trail-running until I moved to Switzerland. Last year, I did my first run - a 5k thourgh the Old Town of Geneva. Afterwards I was infected, and last Saturday I did my first 10k-Trail-Run in Chamonix!

Bits & Pieces · 05. Juni 2017
Maybe you saw on my Instagram-Account before that I have a new hashtag #vickygoes3000. Find out more about it here!

Bits & Pieces · 08. Mai 2017
It took quite a long time but finally the website is set up completely and is waiting for me to fill it with some new content. I already uploaded some new hikes as well as the first review of gear. From now onwards there will be a new blog post on the first page of the website every few days. It will most times include a new download for a tour or a review of some new gear!
Bits & Pieces · 09. April 2017
Welcome back to my new website! I decided to move my site to a new host and ended up with Jimdo, because it's very user-friendly (for me and for you!). There is still some work to do, but you can already start going through the pages and getting a fresh overview on the new structure of "Life is a lucky bag".